dating impacted due to Coronavirus
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Is Dating Impacted due to Coronavirus Across the World?

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus that started from China has taken aback the entire world. It gradually started to spread and travel to most of the places across the globe. All the industries have been shaken because of the outbreak and spreading of this virus and people are only staying indoors. Is dating impacted due …

Countries where LGBTQ is accepted

5 Countries Where LGBTQ is Accepted Legally

There are many countries where LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) people are legally accepted. With the advent of the 21st Century, many countries have liberalized their approach and attitude towards these people. They have ensured that they get all the privileges that the 2 main genders, males and females get. This is based …

traits of LGBTQ community members

Different Traits of LGBTQ Community Members

Members of the LGBTQ community communicate in their own language about who they are and how different they are from the rest. LGBTQ community refers to groups that commonly include employee groups, religious groups, gay villages, organizations, and schools and universities that include the LGBTQ. However, the members of this community show different traits of …

Signs of the Worst Relationship
Relationship Guide

Top 5 Signs of the Worst Relationship

Do you ever ruminate why your partner is not the best fit for you? Well, every relationship in this world has its crests and troughs. However, there are a few of those where at least one of the two have to compromise a lot and their melancholy turns into a breakup very soon. Hence, before …

Hygiene Tips Before Going for a Date
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5 Important Hygiene Tips Before Going for a Date

Who does not want to look neat and clean with a swanky look on a date? The idiom, the first impression is the last impression does hold true in this case. You want to woo your partner in every possible way, and appearing as a well-organized neat person will do no harm to your cause. …

Real Life Love Stories
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5 Real-life Love Stories that took the World by Storm

In today’s hustle and bustle, people have little time even for the things that matter a lot to them. Somehow, true love has lost its way in this modern era. One has to go back a few decades back to witness how love shaped up that generation of people. During that time, people had no …