casual relationships after a breakup
Relationship Guide

Why Some People Prefer Casual Relationships After a Breakup

A romantic relationship often takes up a persons’ emotional efforts and we invest a lot in a relationship. But some romantic relationships don’t last. Relationships take work and you give a lot into it – the time you spend with the person, the thought you give them or the things you do for them. And …

tips for Men to dress up for the first date

5 tips for Men to dress up for the first date

When you are going on a date, how you dress is extremely important. The way you look makes your first impression and it tells them how serious you are about this date. Your dress also shows how socially skillful you are. A well-dressed man always stays in the right state of mind. Often, men get …

Apparels that transforms a Man

5 Apparels that Transform a Man to a Gentleman

Being a sophisticated gentleman is not an easy job. Apart from manners, what you wear matters as well. If you want to look like a gentleman, you must know how to look handsome with perfect apparel. You might have a fancy wardrobe but it won’t matter if your clothing isn’t right. Here are 5 apparels …

clothing trends of women

5 Latest clothing trends of women in 2020

Fashion is a tricky thing. It is beautiful when it’s inconsistent. This year even the persistent fashion has changed. Some of the new trends have come this year while some of the old ones have made their way back as well. Here are the latest clothing trends of women this year.   Vegan And Faux …

reasons of infection during intimacy
Health and Wellness

Simple Reasons of Infection During Intimacy

Getting intimate with your partner surely feels great and can make you two come closer than before. But did you know that having intercourse can lead to vaginal infections if you and your partner are not careful about things or already having issues with your body? There are so many reasons for infection during intimacy …

love with someone else after marriage
Love and Dating

Falling in Love with Someone else After Marriage

Did you just get married, only to find out that you have been enchanted by a third person? Yes, it is absolutely normal for every human being to experience love with someone else after marriage. Some people find their love within a snap of their fingers, while others take years to figure out who they …

dating impacted due to Coronavirus
Love and Dating

Is Dating Impacted due to Coronavirus Across the World?

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus that started from China has taken aback the entire world. It gradually started to spread and travel to most of the places across the globe. All the industries have been shaken because of the outbreak and spreading of this virus and people are only staying indoors. Is dating impacted due …

Countries where LGBTQ is accepted

5 Countries Where LGBTQ is Accepted Legally

There are many countries where LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) people are legally accepted. With the advent of the 21st Century, many countries have liberalized their approach and attitude towards these people. They have ensured that they get all the privileges that the 2 main genders, males and females get. This is based …

traits of LGBTQ community members

Different Traits of LGBTQ Community Members

Members of the LGBTQ community communicate in their own language about who they are and how different they are from the rest. LGBTQ community refers to groups that commonly include employee groups, religious groups, gay villages, organizations, and schools and universities that include the LGBTQ. However, the members of this community show different traits of …