things a couple should not miss

Over the years in a relationship, the intimacy and romantic moments often get lost under the burden of daily life and responsibilities. Couples fail to ignite the old sparks and eventually grow estranged. It can happen at any age and due to any situation. But the little intimate moments, the occasional spark- these are some of the elemental parts of keeping a relationship wholesome. If you feel these are getting lost somewhere down the line, it is time to revive them. Here we have some excellent tips on the things a couple should not miss to help you rekindle the old flames.

Weekly dine out

A dinner or lunch plan every week is like reliving the days when you used to date and only meet for such plans. No matter what, make sure you always make time for such plans every week. It can be any day of the week and you may have to reschedule at times, thanks to your busy lifestyle. But the key is to go through with the plan and make efforts so that it works. For at least one day in the week, put your partner before work or any other responsibilities.

Watching porn together

The first thing to get affected when you have been together for years is the sex and physical intimacy. Eventually it gets boring when there is nothing new to explore and too many responsibilities to bear. Watching porn together can be a great aphrodisiac to tickle those dormant sexual desires. Get porn discounts and make the most of them to choose the perfect steamy movie for both of you. Enjoy it together and eventually you may be hitting the sack before you know, oblivious to the television.

Dress up for each other

Another things a couple should not miss is watching each other twenty-four hours in pyjamas, dishevelled hair and completely wasted from daily chores often dampen the initial sparks that led to the mutual attractions. Hence put effort in how you look. Work out and get that fit body both of you had at some point. Or you can do something as simple as getting a new hairstyle or simply carefully dressing up in an attractive attire. You would be surprised how this simple step can spark the old flames and lead to an intimate moment. Another great idea would be to specifically dress in an attire you partner always adored to surprise them.

Tease each other through the day

Both of you may be busy all day at office or with home chores with only your phone for communication. But your smart phone can become a powerful tool in building the tension for an intimate moment when both of you finally return home. Take a selfie at work and sent your partner. Or simply take enticing pictures through the day and sent them with naughty texts to make your partner anticipate the moment when they are home. It will make them crazy through the day and they will by running back from work.

Know the right moment

Last but not the least a couple must do is to make the most of the right moment. Know when it is a good time to entice your partner. One of the things a couple should not miss is understanding the emotional state of each other. You may be craving an intimate moment but is your partner in the right state of mind for it? This is entirely up to you to understand.

When you are making the efforts mutually, enjoying small but memorable and intimate moments with each other will become much more fulfilling.