tips for Men to dress up for the first date

When you are going on a date, how you dress is extremely important. The way you look makes your first impression and it tells them how serious you are about this date. Your dress also shows how socially skillful you are. A well-dressed man always stays in the right state of mind. Often, men get it all wrong, the dressing part, and then everything starts falling apart right from there. Here are some tips for men to dress up for the first date.



Watch, you must always, and I mean always wear a watch to your first date. It should look elegant and doesn’t need to put a dent through your wallet. If you are on a casual date, wear something with a sporty look and on a dressy dinner, wear the ones with a metallic strap. Watch completes your look so don’t miss it.



Always go with neutral colors like gray, white, black, navy, etc. These muted understated colors make you look sophisticated and grounded. If you wear bright bold colors, the attention of your date will keep shifting towards your clothes rather than staying on you and your conversation. Even when you are wearing jeans for your date, make sure it is dark-colored. However, if you have a day-time date, you can experiment with the colors a little.



If you are lucky, your first date can move up to your bedroom as well. Imagine being so sophisticated on the cover while flimsy and unclassy underneath. So, make sure you wear comfortable and quality underwear as well. Keep your cartoon underwear for home alone nights. For the date night, go for a perfect fit boxer briefs in a neutral color. Even if the date stays out of your bedroom, you will be comfortable throughout and be able to concentrate on the girl in front of you.



As important it is to look good, smelling good is important as well. Just a hint of your favorite fragrance, one spray both inside and outside your shirt along with a spray of it on your neck can work magic. Don’t shower in your cologne or it will overpower your date. It might even scare your date away.



Make sure the shoes you are wearing are clean and polished. If you are wearing a suit, a polished black or tan shoe will complete your look. In the case of sneakers, make sure they are washed, and there are no wear signs and scuff marks on them.

Now, the above mention tips are what you should do on your first date. Here are some don’ts on how to look good on your first date.


  • Never ever wear hoodies to your first date. It looks like you are carefree and don’t care about the date or your appearance.
  • Open-toe shoes are a big no-no. Your toe-nails, no matter how groomed and pretty they are, no one wants to see them.
  • If you are meeting indoors, leave your hat and sunglasses at home.
  • You can wear your suit minus the tie. Ties can make you look business-like and a little stuffy. It gives the impression that you are very serious and unapproachable.
  • Try to wear plain clothes or something that doesn’t have crazy patterns and garish prints. If you want to bring forward your carefree and whimsical side, start small.


These are a few tips that will help men dress up perfectly for their first date. A well-dressed man can hold the woman’s attention and make her feel comfortable. And he can also win her heart.