Rules of casual dating

Like many relationship labels used these days, ‘casual dating’ is a term that is heard in recent days. To make it more understandable, here’s an idea about casual dating. Casual dating is a relationship between two individuals who spend time together without expectations of taking their relationship forward to a committed level. It actually means you like someone enough to spend time with them, but you do not see your future with them, or it may also be like you do not want them enough. There is a lack of seriousness and commitment in a casual relationship. Although, in rare cases, casual relationships can get serious over time. Casual dating isn’t just for boys. Girls also can enjoy casual dating but, for girls, there are some rules they can follow so that they don’t end up in an inconvenient situation. Rules of casual dating have been discussed below.

Make sure you are loud and clear to your partner

If you just want to hang up casually and don’t want any commitment, to your partner. Tell your partner exactly what your expectations from the relationship are so that they know whether to move in or move on. Also, make sure that they know about the boundaries and limitations they are not supposed to cross to be with you.

You need respect 

Be it casual or serious dating, respect is the primary aspect of any kind of relationship and it should not be compromised, no matter what. Just because you are not serious and casually dating someone certainly doesn’t mean the regular dating courtesy and rules shall go out of the window. You need to get something clear that a causal relationship is also a relationship and that dating or sleeping with someone involves human connection and feelings.

Never show any possessiveness

Possessiveness is against the rule of casual relationships and it’s better not to be possessive about your partner if you aren’t serious about him. If you get to know your partner is seeing some other girls on social media platforms, just don’t panic, as you don’t want him for your entire life. Being possessive or controlling is not on the casual dating list. Interfering in your partner’s life is also a big no-no if you are in a casual dating relationship.

Focus on other stuff

A Relationship requires tons of mental energy but wait! The good news is You are not in such a relationship. Use this energy in your workplace or somewhere else. You can rather store this energy for your future relationship. Focusing on something more important in your life is also included in the rules of casual dating

Communicate changes with your partner

Casual dating can be a healthy experience for you as accepting something casual teaches you things about yourself. You also get to know how far you want your relationship to go or whether you want to stop immediately. If it’s confined to casual dating, then it’s superb, but if your feelings for your partner change, then there is something you should pay attention to. Identifying your feelings is important for you and your partner. Never be scared to share your feelings for him with your partner. If he’s not interested in your proposal he will simply move on and it’s certainly not a big deal, so end it like a grownup.

Every relationship will teach you something in your life. Nothing goes in vain. If you start a casual date, end it peacefully without any bitterness.