Short term dating in Toronto

Test drives aren’t just for cars anymore and trials aren’t just for clothes. We are part of the generation where people are also ‘tried on’ or ‘tested’ before one decides to get serious. Welcome to the age of Short-term Dating. It is dating, but without any commitment, or excess baggage: perfect for people who just want to take things easy in life while they figure out what they really want in the longer run. Short term dating in Toronto is quite the trend. If you’re from Toronto, looking to just have a good time and think this is an interesting concept too, then we have some really important tips for you to make sure that you do it the right way.

Make things clear

Okay so you know what you want, but do they? Make sure both of you know that it is temporary. Leading someone on with no intentions of getting serious is a horrible thing to do. Have open communication and clear it out with them right before you begin. Talk about your wants, needs and expectations from the relation so you both know where things are headed. It is important to be on the same page with an arrangement like this.

Safe sex measures

Short term dating involves many sexual partners. It is obvious to mention that you absolutely need to have safe sex. Save yourself from the risk of STD’s and unwanted pregnancy. Keep it safe, exciting and fun. Also, don’t forget to get checked occasionally for STD’s. Some of them can be passed through oral sex as well so best to be sure that you’re safe and healthy every few months. People involved in short term dating in Toronto make sure to go through frequent health check-ups to avoid any complications related to sexually transmitted diseases or unknown pregnancies.

Don’t get too attached

Well, this is kind of out of your control but we’re just giving you a heads-up. Try not to get too emotional. Excess attachment in short term dating can make things really messy, especially if the terms have been clarified before. If you both fall for each other for good, then yay for you! But if not, then steer clear from getting to attached, too clingy or possessive about them. Keep it simple. Look at these relationships as passing milestones in an endless journey while you are yet to figure out the destination. That way you’ll save yourself from a lot of trauma and heartbreaks.

Keep options open for a great friendship after it ends

Since there will be lesser drama when it ends, you can always be friends. In fact along the way if you realize that you two have developed a wonderful connection as friends, make sure to cherish it. Just because the relation is over, doesn’t mean you have to part ways entirely. In the process of ‘trying out’ different people, you get some great friends along the way. So keep your mind and life open for those chances.

Give closure while ending the relationship

Okay so you had your fun and got ample chances to get laid in Toronto. Want to move on now? So finally, make sure you both know when it ends. If you don’t want it anymore, let them know. Be crystal clear about it. Irrespective of whether it is a long-term relationship, short-term dating or even just friendship, ghosting is just outright wrong. Both the partners need to have closure as to when and why it is ending. Everyone deserves that. Give yourself and them that peace so both can move on without any self-doubt or guilt in mind.

Short-term dating can be a lot of fun. It keeps things interesting. Serious relationships are a lot of hard work and they’re not for everyone. The main advantage of short term dating is that there is barely any responsibility. You can enjoy with mutual consent and then move on when you’ve had enough and want to find someone new. Easy as pie and pretty exciting too!