dating impacted due to Coronavirus

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus that started from China has taken aback the entire world. It gradually started to spread and travel to most of the places across the globe. All the industries have been shaken because of the outbreak and spreading of this virus and people are only staying indoors. Is dating impacted due to coronavirus? And is it really huge and affecting all the singles out there?

The virus is known to spread through direct or indirect contact with the person suffering from it. And out of many positive cases in the world, there have been many deaths noted. People are therefore working from home and making sure that they stay away from outings and going to public places.

Self-quarantine and not going out in this situation are always recommended and people are asked to maintain complete hygiene even when they are at home. Since it is not advisable to meet people and go out, the food industry and restaurants are having not that a good time. Also, not only this but also people are not able to go on dates outside.


How is dating Impacted due to the coronavirus outbreak?

Singles, or even the ones in a relationship or married, are not able to go out on dates ever since the coronavirus has been spreading around. Since the virus spreads through contact, people have started to stay at home and making sure that they do not come in contact with other people or things, directly or indirectly.

While the restaurants and cafes are not closed all throughout the world where the virus has been affecting people, the movie halls and theatres have been shut down. This means that people cannot go out for movie dates. This is a great initiative to shut down the theatres since the virus can spread tremendously in public places.

People have even stopped going out to have food or even order food home. Hence going out on dates doesn’t even come into the picture. They are also petrified to go out and meet others since it is difficult to identify if the person has been having the virus or not. The symptoms only start to show up after 14 days. But dating impacted due to coronavirus is creating a ruckus amongst all.


Is it advisable to go on dates in this situation?

No, it is not recommended that you go out at all unless its necessary and urgent, let alone think of going on dates. You might come in direct or indirect contact with the person you are going out on a date with and it is not recommended that you indulge in any sorts of physical contact. Even if you take all the precautions and decide to go outside, you might directly or indirectly come in contact with not with your partner, but the others around you.

You might order some food or drinks and you wouldn’t know the hygiene maintained by the people who would be serving you. Also, the plates, bowls, glasses, spoons, etc that you might use might have been touched by some other person as well. If they didn’t maintain proper hygiene, the virus can be spread from these surfaces too in case they have it.

It is therefore not advisable for you to go out on any dates till the outbreak of coronavirus stops in your country entirely and when there are no new positive cases found. It might be heartbreaking for you now that dating impacted due to coronavirus is taking a toll on you, but it is for your own safety and better health and to save yourself from this virus.