picking up women at the gym

It’s not just like that in the movies. Picking up women at the gym is a real-life thing, but there’s a catch.

There’s no rule on where you’re going to meet your soulmate. This means gyms are one of the places, and with more people raising awareness about working out, the chances of running into a hot date are becoming more frequent.

Sometimes, there’s no better explanation than to give concrete examples. In this article, you’ll learn about how to pick up a woman from a gym and what mistakes you should avoid – all from a woman’s POV.

Make Eye Contact

Gentlemen know that it’s all about the look. When you want a woman to notice you, whether you’re in a fancy restaurant or working out at the gym, making eye contact is crucial.

Why is this so important?

Often, men who are highly insecure about themselves cannot look the woman they want to approach in the eyes. Even worse, even when they approach her and make small talk, they avoid eye contact.

Working out will help you build physical confidence, while assertive eye contact brings out your real face.

There’s nothing more attractive than a man that can come up to you, look you in the eye, and say exactly what he wants to hear.

Engage in Small Talk

Gentlemen escorts are not the only ones that are “trained” to know how to approach a woman and tell her exactly what she wants to hear. Anyone can do that, of course, with a couple of first-hand tips, from the listener herself.

If you’ve spotted an attractive young woman, made eye contact with her, and found that she’s looking right back at you, the next step is going over to her section and saying something.

But what?

Naturally, you would start off a conversation about something exercise-related. You’d chat about how often you come to the gym and stuff like that. Okay, but that’s overrated, and surely, she’s been asked this question XY times.

As you make your way over to her section at the gym, comment on something that needs a response. It could be a new piece of equipment, for example. You could also start with a simple compliment on her workout routine.

Disclaimer: When talking about workout routines, stick to compliments. Never try to tell her how she’s supposed to do a certain exercise. This will only create the opposite effect.

When she responds, continue the conversation by switching to small talk.

Ask her about her name, her day, hobbies until you casually get to the question:

“What are your plans after the gym?” There’s your chance to ask her out on a date.

As long as the conversation flows casually, you’re in the green. Women generally enjoy small talk, but if you decide to take this next step, don’t do it effortlessly. You need to be a part of the conversation as well.

Use Body Language

Besides relying on strong eye contact and a prepared list of questions to ask a woman at the gym, you need to use your main tool – body language.

Show her that you’re confident in your own skin, that you’re proud of your progress so far, and that you’re into her. How do you do all that?

Well, here is body language signals that you should apply:

– Try leaning in, but not too close, and respect her personal space.

– Smile, always.

– Reach out and touch her arm or shoulder while talking about something.

Picking up women at the gym might sound like nuclear science, but it’s not. It’s just about being yourself and being confident in your own skin. Gyms are a perfect place to find someone who’s passionate about fitness, just like you are.