Countries where LGBTQ is accepted

There are many countries where LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) people are legally accepted. With the advent of the 21st Century, many countries have liberalized their approach and attitude towards these people. They have ensured that they get all the privileges that the 2 main genders, males and females get. This is based on the principles of liberalism, equality, democracy, and justice. Let us have a look at 5 countries where LGBTQ is accepted on a legal basis –



First on our list is the Pacific nation of Australia. Out of the many LGBTQ friendly countries, Australia has one of the most liberal policies. It legally passed legislation in late 2017 after a majority of the parliament approved of it. Also, this enabled the LGBTQ community to gain all the privileges that the two majority genders would be entitled to. This holds legally true in all of the territories belonging to the nation as well. Time and time again, Australia has proved to be one of the most liberal countries in this aspect.



The European Union’s one of the most important members, Belgium, legalized this in the year 2003. The senators passed the bill with an overwhelming majority. However, the bill was limited to these kinds of marriages only if the citizens’ original country legalized this. It changed with time allowing their marriages later in the year 2006. This was the stepping stone for the community’s freedom in Belgium with respect to marriage.



On the list of countries where LGBTQ is accepted, Denmark is one of the first countries to have recognized it legally. Astonishingly, in the year 1989, it created history by allowing same-sex people to enroll as soulmates. Following this, its parliament enacted several changes in the coming years in order to provide maximum benefits to these people. In order to rectify some of the errors in earlier legislation and bills, Denmark passed new ones which ultimately paved their marriages legally in the main churches. This made it easier for these people to garner public acceptance and also adhere to the church’s guidelines. This was an incredible feat in the history of Denmark and will be remembered for the ages to come. This occurred in the year 2012 when there were little apprehensions about the passage of this bill.



The world’s most visited country in terms of tourist footfall, France legalized LGBTQ partners in the 20th Century! Right before the advent of the new millennium in Nov 1999, it enacted a legal bill that recognised same-sex partners. This was a major breakthrough in the country’s quest for liberalism. It enacted several laws which bestowed faith among these people and made it clear that no one can snatch or curb their fundamental rights. This was regardless of their sex.  In 2013, the Parliament enacted a bill that legalised and recognised their marriages. Due to this, France is one of the best places to travel in Europe and visitors, including LGBT community people find it a safe haven.


South Africa

South Africa became the first nation in the African continent to legalise LGBTQ marriages and recognised their sovereignty through enacting a bill. In the year 2006, the South African Parliament passed the bill that legally accepted their marriage after passing through a vote which overwhelmingly ended up in their favour. Overall, in the whole world, SA became the fifth nation to legally recognise this and won the hearts of everyone.

There are several other nations that recognise the LGBTQ community’s rights as of now. It is quite necessary due to the fact that every human is entitled to the fundamental human rights as enlisted in the UN Charter.