Tease a Man

Teasing adds spice to sex life. It turns on your man and you, making you both do naughty things. However, balance is an important element when it comes to teasing. Too much can spoil your relationship. Tease a man Sexually just enough to lead him to the edge and let him be there. Don’t annoy or frustrate him.

If you want to seduce a man and witness his kinky side, there are a lot many ways of teasing him for that. Here are 5 simple teasing tricks that will work just fine.

Naughty Texts

Add a little spice to texting him. All you have to do is send him a naughty text while you are out or he is at work. You can send an innocent message like you are thinking about yesterday’s wild steamy night, or a hot scene made you think about him. You can also get more explicit like telling him you are shopping at the grocery store not wearing anything underneath.

You can also send him a video or photo of you to tease a man sexually. He will want to put his hands on you but will hate that he can’t. And when he walks inside that door, to you, he will ravage you.

Phone Sex

Phone sex is a great way to seduce a man and make him want to do kinky things to you. It works charms especially when you are in a long-distance relationship. You don’t have to strip down actually at the other end. Just moan and breath heavy to get his blood pumping harder. This will leave him in desperate need of having you and when he is in so much heat, he is bound to show his kinky side. Reading erotic stories over a call could also excite him.

Use Lollipop

A simple thing like lollipop can drive men mad. You must have seen it in movies that men feel aroused when they watch a beautiful woman eat a banana, suck on a lollipop or drink from a straw. Do it a little provocatively. It will make him think about all the things you have done or could do from that mouth of yours to his body parts.

Touch Yourself

Once you have become skilled in this, you will become the master of teasing a man sexually. When you are touching yourself, don’t let him touch you or himself. Pleasure yourself and make him watch. It will drive him mad, watching you do sexy things to yourself and not being able to touch you or even himself. If he has been a good boy, you must give in and let him touch you.

Brush Up Against Him

To seduce a man, planned accidental brushes can make him think of doing specific things to you. You can do that at home when he is not expecting you to be playful or you can do it in public if you are feeling adventurous. Like if you are shopping somewhere, bend down to reach for something and let you back brush against his crotch briefly. In a crowded place press yourself up against him innocently. You can let your hand, back or breast brush against him lightly. No one else will notice it but he will. And it will turn him crazy wanting you.


There are many ways to tease a man sexually and make him show you how kinky he can be. These five tricks are simple and work on any man. Or, you can simply ask him to show you his kinky side, but that won’t be fun, will it?