Real Life Love Stories

In today’s hustle and bustle, people have little time even for the things that matter a lot to them. Somehow, true love has lost its way in this modern era. One has to go back a few decades back to witness how love shaped up that generation of people. During that time, people had no social media or virtual contact at all. This paved the way for some of the best love stories ever. Here we are going to have a look at some of these astounding real-life love stories that will amaze you.



  1. The painting of Indira Gandhi

Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia was a scholar at the popular College of Art situated in the capital city of India, New Delhi. His masterpiece was admired by umpteen people all over the world. Charlotte Von Schedvin was a Swedish traveling to India and got enchanted by Pradyumna’s work, and ultimately him. Cupid’s arrow struck the duo and they tied the knots. However, Charlotte had to leave for her home country soon thereafter. The mean refused an air ticket from her and wanted to visit her place on his strength. He sold his valuables and proceeded cycling through Asia and Europe in order to reach there. They have a merry life with two kids as well.


  1. Love knows no age

In the year 1946, the duo namely Boris and his wife Anna had to live far apart due to the former joining the national army. The woman’s family lived far off in solitude and the duo could find little to trace each other. However, after a whopping gap of 6 decades, they met each other and immediately tied the knots after a sigh of relief at last. How adorable a story!


  1. The Royal Affair

His highness, Prince William was enchanted by Kate Middleton’s beauty and personality when she was merely nineteen. They shared the bench at Saint Andrews University in the Isles at that time. The excessive pressure from all corners paved the way for the duo to part ways after a few years. However, this did not deter the duo from expressing affection for each other, even in the toughest of times. They reconciled soon thereafter and tied the knots with every corner of the world celebrating their royal marriage. They stood firm even in the deepest and most treacherous of waters.


  1. The prolonged wait

In one of the most unusual of real-life love stories to have ever existed, this one finds a place on the top of the list. A guy named Woodford married the love of his life, Irina in the Russian capital of Moscow. The former was an American and had to leave for the States as soon as his tourist visa term expired. Unfortunately, even the latter was denied access to the States as a tourist. They had to talk via letters and cell phone calls for more than a decade. Finally, they reconciled in the USA after a prolonged wait.


  1. The diaries of love

Jack Potter stumbled across the love of his life, Phyllis one fine day. Later, he began jotting down the romantic moments that the duo experienced on a daily basis. He would spend quality time doing this as a routine. He did this for the decades to come. However, the lady was diagnosed with some disease that he could not manage to treat at home and she had to be moved for treatment. Jack paid visits daily and narrated their romantic moments to her every day. He made her relive each and every moment while assuring her that he would be there for her till her last breath.