decide if a guy is in to you

Love is a complex thing. People have their own weird ways of loving someone. Sometimes, you can get confused with the signals men sends you. It is difficult to judge or understand whether he loves you or not. Instead of directly jumping to a conclusion, you should look into some basic signs to decide if a guy is in to you.

Sometimes people just love you as friends while other times they are too shy to tell you that they love you. Either way, it is too boring to be sitting around and guessing. Thus, this article has a compiled list of general ways in which men fall in love. You can pick up his signs and then decide on the next move.

  • How does he look at you?

The way he looks at you is really important. If he is really pleased to look at you then, he is surely in to you. It is not about the excitement or spark that some people talk about. Instead, it is just a big wide grin. If you observe and look closely, you will notice. Small things like these really matter.


  • He is completely interested in your life

If you meet him and he asks about your day, then he is interested. At the same time, if you find him seeing all your social media stories and liking your posts, then it means that he is trying to learn about you. Apart from that, if you see him helping with the book you were searching last week, then he is also really attentive of what you say.

It is important to understand that men who are in love will give particular attention to their women. Thus, if he is interested, he will make sure to understand you and your life. However, it is important to understand that men are not great at picking up subtle clues. However, he will surely think about the things that you are actively talking about. If he takes part in them, it could be good sign to decide if a guy is in to you.


  • You will not have to second guess

If a boy really likes you, then he will surely show it in some way or another. You will not have to worry about a thing with him. You will not have to wait and worry about a text or call from him. He will surely message you and try to make plans with you. He will not prefer to play the games with you, if he is really in to you.

However, some men are shy and fear taking the first step. So, if you really like someone and want to start talking to him, then message him. Once you have messaged, he will surely take it further.


  • Focus on the body language

One of the easiest way to understand if a guy like you or not, is from his body language. Pay attention to how he moves when he is around you. Check if he is giving you any signals. Is he continuously looking at you?

If you are standing near him, is he trying to lean? Also, he will make eye contact and let you know that he is interested. Deciphering body language will really help you to know if a guy is interested in you.


  • See his response to touch

If you are friends, you can try and touch him on his shoulder or grab his hand randomly. Is he trying to pull away or feels uncomfortable, then he might not be interested in you. It could also mean that he is nervous but, the look on his face will surely help you decide. However, unwanted or uncomfortable touch from from his end could be a negative sign to decide if a guy is in to you.

At the same time, guys that are interested in you, will try to touch you. He might hug you and tap on your shoulder to call you. Such cute gestures definitely mean that he is interested in you.