Signs of the Worst Relationship

Do you ever ruminate why your partner is not the best fit for you? Well, every relationship in this world has its crests and troughs. However, there are a few of those where at least one of the two have to compromise a lot and their melancholy turns into a breakup very soon. Hence, before you get into a relationship, you must try to avoid the signs of the worst relationship and tread with caution. Let us have a look at some of the most common toxic relationship signs


  1. Lack of mutual understanding

Sometimes, it is quite common in relationships that your partner might not be able to understand you or your perspective, or it might be conversely true as well. However, if these kinds of misunderstandings take place too frequently, you are in for massive trouble. If the simplest of situations turn into the most complex of problems in your relationship, you might want to call it quits before things take a worse turn.


  1. Physical Aggression

If your partner indulges in physical violence or aggression frequently, it is never a good sign for your relationship.  If he/she tends to vent out all the anger with such aggression, you cannot ignore such signs of the worst relationship. It is high time that you pull out of it and avoid the use of physical damage at all costs. A physically aggressive partner signals to you that he/she is in no control of their anger and it will hurt you in the longer run.


  1. Lack of freedom

If you constantly feel that your partner is not allowing you to freely express yourself, then it is never a good sign for the two of you. If he/she tries to constantly suppress your freedom of thought and expression, then you better leave them alone. Such people are often too possessive and always look to impose themselves on their better halves. They can go to any stretch of the imagination in order to justify their behaviour. It can even mean asking their permission for petty causes, for example hanging out with friends or such stuff. If your partner does restrict you in such cases, they need not have your presence around them.


  1. Lack of trust

Trust issues among partners have become even more evident after the advent of social media platforms. Partners often tend to suspect their better halves for no sane reason at all. Yes, some of them are traitors and wanting to conceal external affairs as well, but not everyone is the same. If your partner does not trust you even after you provide them necessary evidences to support your cause, they do not deserve you at all. If you have to, again and again, try to justify your time away from them, you better walk off. Trust issues tend to grow over time. With it comes even more suspicion that leads to more complex issues in a relationship. If your partner is not willing to trust you at all, it is a really bad sign.


  1. Change in behaviour for your partner

If you ever have to change your originality in order to make your partner feel better, it is a really bad sign. If your originality cannot be tolerated by the other person, you need to change your partner. Everyone must respect a person’s originality and freedom of choice. If your likes/dislikes tend to change the other person’s choices, it is really bad. You cannot do this to anyone. Do not monitor the other person’s opinions and mould them so that they suit your personality and needs.