night out with friends

This is a story which I often think about – a time when living today was fun and night out with my friends. I was in college and there was a fest happening. This means that we were up late that night, the fest getting over at 11. But the party had to start at 12. For one hour after the fest, it was just hanging out in one of the rooms, chatting and making jokes. I had been feeling happy and free after so long. No worries for the future, no worries for the present. I was happy in the moment and liked that.

Then the party started at 12, with music, open air courtyard and free drinks. I was a shy person and never usually openly danced or spoke. But that night after downing a few drinks, I was set. I danced my heart out and even invented new steps. I danced for two hours that night and even after that I didn’t sleep. It was like I was so high on energy. Which is very unique for an introvert like me.

Then we sat on the basketball court, pulling each other’s leg. We were about 8 people there, high on happiness and a bit of alcohol. I do remember one thing though, farting in front of everyone because I couldn’t control it. And then everyone just laughed and laughed. One friend even invented funny steps copying my dance steps, but I didn’t feel an ounce of embarrassment. It was funny as hell and all good memories. I am pretty sure I didn’t try Michael Jackson moves…but it could have been Prabhudeva :D.

Before we knew it, the sun was rising and, in the east, it rises fairly earlier than the rest of the country. We took motorbikes on a long long drive, crossing fields and tiny hamlets to reach a small, nameless breakfast point. In India, along highways or even on roads connecting villages, one can find these tiny shops that sell freshly made food. The customers that traverse through these roads are usually local folk and the food is made as per that demand.

Piping hot puris with fresh potato curry were on the menu and the utter peacefulness of the surrounding made it all the more memorable. There were paddy fields across the road and the road was empty. Birds were chirping as we ate and joked around, filling our bellies with fuss free, local food. And after that, we went back to the hostel and slept the whole day.

The memory is short about the night out with my friends and I can’t put it in so many words. But it sits close to my heart, reminding me of carefree times and that life can be simple. I miss those friends and those times.