fall in love after a one night stand meet up

Being in love is a great feeling. You feel happier and get lots of affection, which in turn boosts your mood and makes you forget unpleasant things. Falling in love is a different experience for each one of us. For some, it may have started as young high schoolers and some may have found love in unexpected ways. We usually don’t see one night stands on the same level as love. So, is it possible to fall in love after a one night stand meet up? Today’s hookup culture is more about sexual satisfaction and not really about love. Defining love is hard as everyone can have varying definitions for it. But one night stands are clear to define. It is when two people for one night to satisfy their physical and sexual needs. Love goes way beyond that. It is a mix of feelings, thoughts and acts that are supposed to be for your benefit or hopefully make you feel good. It isn’t only physical whereas a one night stand is.

The question about falling in love after a one night stand isn’t new. Some people ask themselves this question after sexual encounters. And the answer to this honestly varies. Some would say that one cannot fall in love after a one night stand. If there are some feelings, it could be infatuation, as some would put it. But for the most part, no one could fall in love after first sex. Love at first sight isn’t a new concept and, in the past, it has been seen. Today you will find couples who have been married for ages and they will tell you that they liked each other at first sight. However, today, love at first sight seems to be an outdated concept. People want to get to know each properly and one glance isn’t enough for that. This is why, falling in love at first sight seems to be difficult, if not impossible. Here are a few reasons why some may find it difficult to digest love after a one night stand.

  • It takes time to know a person and one night of sex doesn’t help it.
  • You got together with someone for sex and people in love get together for more than just sex.
  • You will never know properly or can’t trust someone fully whom you have met on a free online dating site.
  • It is quite difficult to find totally honest people online who have only signed up for sex.

But then if one stops being cynical or skeptical for a while, then maybe they can see that it’s possible to fall in love, even after a one night stand. Like mentioned earlier, love doesn’t have a single definition nor does it happen to everyone in the same way. So, it is really difficult to say, with a hundred percent certainty that one can’t fall in love after a one night stand. It is wholly possible that the one night was the first meeting and sometimes, it can only take one meeting to fall in love. The romantic being in me would want to believe in magic and dreams and that it is entirely possible to fall in love after a one night stand meet up.