Simple Exercises to Help Women with PCOD/PCOS

Due to the constantly changing lifestyle, a lot of women these days suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) also known as Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD). This condition is basically caused by hormonal changes which cause fluid filled cysts to grow in your ovaries leading to a myriad of symptoms such as irregular periods, weight gain, infertility, hair growth on the face and chest along with dark spots on the neck and arms. Research has indicated that changes in eating habits, stress and obesity are the major predisposing factors which can cause PCOD/PCOS. Hence, there is no doubt that regular exercise is essential for women, especially those suffering from PCOS/PCOD. Incorporating these daily simple exercises will help women with PCOD/PCOS by keeping their weight in check, improving mood and boosting fertility.

Walking:. Just starting your day early and going for a morning walk in your walking shoes can work wonders for you overall health and well-being. Morning walks improves your blood circulation and keeps your heart healthy. It also exposes you to the fresh morning air and lets you interact with nature at the early hours which has a calming effect and energizes you to take on the rest of the day. If you don’t get time in the morning, then try and go for a 30 minute walk at any time of day. For people who do not enjoy just walking can make the walks interesting by alternating it with jogging or listening to some music while at it.

Yoga: Doing simple Yoga asanas for 30 minutes improves the mental state of an individual by reducing stress which is considered to be one of the causes of PCOS/PCOD. The yoga asanas improve the hormonal imbalance and help you to stay healthy and focused. Yoga includes meditation, breathing and relaxing exercises which calms the mind, improves mental clarity and increases concentration and awareness. If you are a beginner then you can start with basic yoga such as pranayama, tadasana (mountain pose), vrikshasana (tree pose) and suryanamaskar. With time you can include the suptabadhakonasana, bharadvajasana, shavasana and padmasadhana which are beneficial for PCOD/PCOS.

Swimming: For the people who feel doing Yoga or walking is boring, here is a fun physical activity that you can indulge in. Swimming is a low impact exercise which helps you to stay healthy and happy. Swimming for at least 30 minutes in a day is known to tone muscles, improve flexibility, build strength and endurance and helps you maintain a healthy heart and lungs. Needless to say, it’s a great mood booster and helps women with PCOD/PCOS to keep fit. Swimming is a total body workout which utilizes all the muscles in your body and is a great way to exercise especially for the people who love water. You can start swimming at any age can continue doing it for a lifetime.

Zumba: Dance exercises like Zumba is another fun way to keep you healthy and hearty. If you like music and dancing then Zumba can be a great way to keep you in shape and reduce the ill effects of PCOS/PCOD. It tones the entire body, improves your heart health, helps you de-stress and is great for weight loss. All you need is some peppy music, a good speaker and sport shoes to get started. A lot of Zumba videos are available online that let you dance and exercise to your favorite tunes. You can start with doing some simple moves and then move on to the more complicated ones.

Don’t be afraid to experiment: If you’re bored with your daily exercise routine, then don’t be reluctant to try something different. You don’t have to keep doing the same exercises every day. Choose something that you enjoy. You can try learning a new sport that you’ve always wanted to try. You can sign up for weekly badminton or golf sessions. Opt for some weekend outdoor physical activity like kayaking or hiking. Not only will they allow you to explore new places but also help you spend quality time with your loved ones while being active.

So these are some of the simple exercises to help women with PCOD/PCOS. Making a positive and healthy lifestyle change is imperative to manage PCOD/PCOS. Along with proper medication, proper diet and exercise it is possible to overcome PCOD/PCOS.