hairstyle tips for a receding hairline

A lot of people, especially men in their thirties or forty’s, are faced with the issue of hair loss, hair thinning and a receding hairline. One cannot put a finger on the exact reason for a receding hairline since it can happen due to a myriad of factors which include genetics, hormones, hair products and lifestyle. A receding hairline doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on your favorite hairstyle. A lot of tried and tested hairstyles are available for people with a receding hairline which you can choose depending on the thickness and length of your hair. These hairstyles effectively camouflage your receding hairline and boost your confidence regarding your appearance. So here are some hairstyle tips for a receding hairline to pick from in order to enhance your overall look.

Comb over hairstyle: This hairstyle is for people who have thick hair but a noticeable receding hairline.  All you have to do is part your hair on one side and brush it over on the other side. Using the extreme part of your receding hairline as a parting line for your hair gives a sense of weight to your hair. This hairstyle gives a sleek look to anyone who wears it.

Long hairstyle: If you are the kind of person who is comfortable in keeping and maintaining long hair then you have a lot of options to hide your hairline. Having long thick hair is an advantage since you can comb your hair in such a manner so that it falls over the area above your temples where the signs of a receding hairline is most evident.  You can style your hair in a free flow or tie it up in a ponytail or wear it as a male bun which happens to be a very trending hairstyle.

Buzz cut or Crew cut hairstyle: This is a lifesaving hairstyle for people having thin hair with a receding hairline. The buzz cut is inspired from the army haircut and is characterized by extremely short hair which tends to blend in with the receding hairline. Not only is it easy to maintain but it also takes away the attention from your head and focuses it on your face. A crew cut is a buzz cut with slightly longer hair in the front which gradually reduces in length and becomes extremely short towards the back and sides.

Short Layered hairstyle: For those of you who cannot pull of the long hairstyle, the short textured hairstyle can be your go to option. A great way to hide your receding hairline is by using short layered textures which fall over your hairline giving you a rather messy hair look. You will need to put in some effort to style it by blow drying it to increase volume and applying wax or gel to give it a beautiful texture. You can also add some colored highlights to make it look edgy.

Faux hawk hairstyle: The faux hawk hairstyle consists of the middle part of your hair spiked up and flanked by short hair on either side. This hairstyle successfully masks the receding hairline by drawing attention to the middle part of your head. This short and subtle cut is quite popular and requires minimal effort to maintain.

Taper fade hairstyle: Taper fade hairstyles are another stylish option for people with a receding hairline. It starts by having medium length hair in the center which constantly tapers to a skin fade towards the ears. This type of hairstyle blends effectively with your hairline and takes away the attention from your receding hairline towards the center of the head having more hair. This hairstyle is ideal for men whose hairline has just begun receding.

Clean shave hairstyle: This is the ultimate style for you if nothing else works. However, don’t be disheartened because you can pull off this look and make it look trendy by coupling it with a stylish beard or stubble.

You can choose any one of the hairstyle tips for a receding hairline or try all of the different hairstyles before deciding which look works best for you. Also, adopting a healthy lifestyle like eating right, regular exercise and minimizing stress can go a long way to reduce hair loss and balding.