make a long distance relationship lively

‘Out of sight, out of mind’, this explains the problems of a long-distance relationship. It makes you miss the intimacy and pleasure of little things like holding hands. Back in the days, it was so painful and expensive to maintain long-distance relationships. But today, technology has made it easier to stay in touch with each other. Also, it is now quicker to travel from one place to another, so you can spend every possible time together. Today, now you re never out of sight, hence never out of mind. Here’s how you can make long distance relationship lively and exciting.


1. Give some space

Some couples think they have to compensate for the distance with more communication. But you don’t have to communicate 12 hours a day to keep the relationship going. Being overly possessive and sticky can make your relationship boring. Give each other some space to miss the other. That way, in your whole day, you will be excited to share events with your partner and it will add a little liveliness to your relationship.


2. Prioritise your schedules

Many things, like the difference in time zones, different schedules, sleep preferences, etc can wreak havoc even on the most well-intentioned relationships. Gradually many couples settle into a pattern that might not work well for one or both. This can result in the building of resentment and frustration. The options for types of communications arrangements can be endless and work as long as they are mutually satisfying. Work on your schedules and find out a way to make the communication work without being a burden on the other.


3. Don’t only count on technology

Most long-distance couples rely heavily on technology like texting, video calling, etc. With them, they find it easier to stay in real-time contact with their beloved. But nothing can replace the power of physical contact and intimacy. Sex robots can be used during lonely moments for men and other toys for women. Similarly, the joy of receiving something tangible, like a token that reminds them of you. It could be their favourite candy, a romantic card, a surprise gift, anything. And whenever possible, drop by at each other’s place for a quick visit and keep the memory of that physical touch.


4. Do stuff together

One of the tricks to make a long distance relationship lively is to do things together. Being apart doesn’t mean you can’t plan and do things together. For example, watch the same movie together with Skype no matter where you are. Or, you can binge-watch a show on Netflix together. These little things bring a lot of pleasure in long-distance relationships. You can also play a multi-player game or play a quiz. These things will keep the excitement in your relationship alive.


5. Plan the fun

Take delight in planning all the fun things you will do when you are together next. For example, try a new cuisine or a new restaurant every time or plan to travel to some exotic beach. Or, find a new place half-way between both your cities. One time, plan something you like and next time do something your partner likes. It will keep you both fulfilled and excited. These moments will make your relationship more thrilling and fun, even when you are not always together.


These are a few tips that will make your long-distance relationship lively. It is not easy to maintain the same thrill and charm in your relationship when you are not in proximity to each other. But you can always try. If you really want your relationship to not lose the charm, getting creative will help.