reasons of infection during intimacy

Getting intimate with your partner surely feels great and can make you two come closer than before. But did you know that having intercourse can lead to vaginal infections if you and your partner are not careful about things or already having issues with your body? There are so many reasons for infection during intimacy which you must know about so that you and your partner can take preventive measures. If you want to know how to avoid infection in intimacy, here is everything you need to know about intimacy and infections.


Why do you get a yeast infection through sexual intercourse?

The vagina contains a naturally occurring fungus called Candida which lives in the insides of the area. However, in case it starts to grow and multiply uncontrollably it might tend to infect your vagina and cause a yeast infection.

If you indulge in intercourse, the bacteria that are present on your partner’s penis or fingers can penetrate in your vagina and can disrupt the already present ecosystem inside. Playing with sex toys is also responsible for this transmission. If there is any disruption in your vaginal ecosystem, it can trigger a yeast infection. Also, if you indulge in intercourse with someone having a penile yeast infection, chances are that you might get it as well.

In case you have a yeast infection, there are chances that you might have got it from your partner. On the other hand, if you have a yeast infection and you had intercourse, you might pass it o to your partner. If you indulge in unprotected sexual intercourse with your partner who has a yeast infection, you tend to develop a yeast infection on your penis.

In case you think you have an infection, inform your partner about it so they can start seeking treatment for it. Also, it is advisable that you take a break from any sort of physical intimacy with your partner until you and your partner get rid of the infection. It will only help in preventing the infection from transmitting again and again. Keep your place clean and tidy at all times.


Causes of vaginal yeast infection

It is quite possible that you develop a vaginal infection due to intercourse. However, there are many other reasons too which lead to this infection. The reasons for infection during intimacy include the following:

  1. Irritated skin or vagina because of sweaty or wet clothes
  2. Using harsh soaps or fragranced cleansing products in and around your vagina
  3. Weak immune system
  4. Untreated diabetes or a high blood sugar level
  5. Taking antibiotics, birth control pills or cortico-steroids
  6. Breastfeeding
  7. Pregnancy


Different treatment options that are available

In case you are sure that you have a yeast infection, you can have an OTC or over the counter medicine like Gynazole or Monistat for the treatment. You can also try out some home remedies which work equally amazing.

You can try wearing underwear which lights and breathable and made of cotton. It will prevent you from having any discomfort. If you feel itchy down there, take baths with hot water and Epsom salt. Once you begin your treatment the yeast infection should get cleared within one week. Finish the entire course of your treatment until you are entirely free of the infection.

However, in case you still notice the symptoms you can consult with a doctor. They would be able to suggest to you if you are having a yeast infection and can prescribe some medicines for it. Your healthcare provider would be the best person to approach in case you feel the symptoms are not vanishing.