attraction towards shemales

Sexual orientation is like a huge tree with the typical heterosexual attraction being the main big trunk and several branches stemming out of it. One can be attracted to people of their own sex, opposite sex, people with gender fluidity, non-binary people and transgenders. Honestly it is just the way one’s mind is created to be attracted to different categories of people and each one is right in their own way. Shemales is a term used loosely for transgenders. And lately there has been a rise in both gay and straight men coming out to admit that they feel attracted towards shemales. What causes attraction towards shemales more than typical women?

Something unique

Some men want a little extra. They are looking for something out of the ordinary and unique. A typical female’s body just has the expected features. Shemales on the other hand, as said by many men, are special works of art. They are different in their sexuality and have components of both men and women, not only in their bodies but also in their personalities. It’s like a combo package of male-female in one body.

More adventure

Attraction towards shemales guarantees excitement. There’s so much more to explore. You can do more things with shemales than you could with a typical female. More erogenous zones to explore, more fetishes to try out. Just an entire roller coaster ride of adventure in bed.

Anal sex for both

They’re ready for anal sex. Let’s face it, most men fantasize about anal sex with their partners, but women seldom agree to it. Due to their sexual structure, shemales are ready for anal sex. In fact they enjoy it a lot, which gives a high to men wanting to fulfil that fantasy of theirs. This goes both ways though. There are some men who aren’t gay but like to be penetrated. Since shemales have penises, they are up for that sort of sex as well. So you see, there’s a lot that they have to offer which can be fun for both parties.

Synthetically enhanced appealing appearance

Typically shemales know that their competition – women, are tougher to match with in appearance. So they try harder to look better resulting in prominent sexual features that are very attractive to men such as bigger breasts and hips, thicker lips, etc. owing to enhancement surgeries. They also master the art of make-up really well and are almost always decked up. Since many of them feel they have to overdo things, they work tirelessly to change their appearance in order to get suitors. This may also be one reason why there is a rise in attraction towards shemales lately. Shemale escorts are specifically chosen for this purpose.

Dealing with the attraction

First and foremost it is important to understand that there is no shame or embarrassment attached to this. It is a perfectly normal type of sexual orientation and one shouldn’t feel the need to hide it. Coming out of the closet is always difficult and if you’re struggling with your unique attraction, there here are a few things you can do.

  • It is important to understand whether this is your actual sexual orientation or simply an adventure or an item in the bucket list you’re trying to tick off.
  • If you are in a heterosexual relationship and realize about your attraction towards shemales later on, it is best to be open about it to your partner as soon as possible. The earlier you accept your own fantasies, the easier it will be for you to make a decision.
  • There are dating apps that let you set your orientation so you will be connected with shemales/transgenders around you. This is the easiest way to start meeting people of your liking and see if you connect.
  • If this is an experimental stage in your life then make sure the shemale that you engage with knows about it. Most shemales understand that they have a lesser than normal likelihood of finding the right suitors and are already dealing with the different treatment they receive from society due to certain stigmas. So it is best to keep things transparent and not hurt someone while you are just trying to ‘figure things out’.
  • Being different and liking different comes with its set of challenges so make sure you are prepared for those.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that attraction is something beyond one’s control. It is natural and normal. So long as you fulfil your sexual and emotional needs without hurting anyone, it’s all great.