rough acts of sex

Regular, soft lovemaking is so passé. Gone are the days when sex meant just a rushed up act with the man initiating and the woman shying away. Women want so much more now and one thing they definitely love inside the bedroom is rough and kinky sex. Most women at some point in their life dream of a crazy, wild, head-banging-on-the-bed-frame kind of sex. She may not word it out but there it is. If you’ve never tried it before and are wondering what sort of things your girl will like, you should read on to get an idea about rough acts of sex that women love.

1. Hair pulling

Women love their hair being gently pulled during sex or even foreplay. Start off with a gentle tug at her ponytail or open hair while you’re kissing her to tilt her head slightly backwards and see the instant passion in the way she responds to the kiss. Women simply love it. The best part is that this can be done literally during any act of sex. Pull her hair while you’re hitting it from behind and it will change the whole mood and give you a clear idea to understanding what women like in sex.

2. Spanking her ass and boobs

A lot of women like to be spanked and the usual favorite areas are ass and boobs. The range may differ however; some like it hard and some like it soft. It’s best to know what your partner is up for before you start with it. Spanking gives the man a feeling of dominance and women find it pleasurable. Not everyone likes bruises or red hand prints on their asses so you need to know how to control the intensity. Boobs are much more sensitive than the butt and tend to bruise quickly so we suggest you go easy on this one.

3. Bondage

This rough acts of sex takes the kink level up a notch. When you think of bondage, it sounds scary to some. But it need not be ropes and chains or anything super hard-core. A simple silk scarf or a feathered toy pair of handcuffs will do the job just fine. A lot of women like being dominated in bed and nothing spells out dominance like being tied up. You will have full control over her and her pleasure and she is sure as hell not going to mind.

4. Choking

Choking may not be enjoyed by all women but the ones who love it swear by it to turn them on. The trick to choking during sex is to do it right. You’re obviously not trying to kill her so you need to know where to hold and where to press. It’s best to use your palm to apply pressure rather than the fingers because that might uncomfortable. Remember, you are not killing her or making her puke. It needs to be pleasurable in the end so apply pressure wisely. The pressure points just below the ear lobes under the jawbone can be stimulated for a choking effect and you’ll have her begging for more pleasure in no time.

5. Biting her nipples

Nipple biting falls under the category of softcore bdsm. This again depends largely on how hard you bite. Nipples are sensitive but they also have a lot of nerve endings, which, if stimulated correctly can be very pleasurable for her. Use your tongue around the area, make it wet and prepare it for the next action. Nibble lightly, tug at it with your teeth while fondling the breast with your hands until she moans your name.

These rough acts of sex can be very interesting and fun if done the right way, however, things can go wrong sometimes. To avoid any unwanted actions, mishaps or discomfort, it is always a good idea to have a safe word between the two of you. Sometimes, denying or resisting your move is also part of the role-play and so if she really is saying ‘No’, you may not realize. Having a safe word will solve this issue for you.